See Like a Heretic: On Vision & Belief | Michael / Lens Dome | Gajah Gallery

A provocation that ismost  pertinent to the extraordinary times that beset us, Gajah Gallery’s presentation of Suzann Victor’s solo show "See LIke a Heretic: On Vision and Belief" in 2018 marks an important turn in her practice as she emboldened audiences to apprehend the world from a radical position, described by Dr Michelle Antoinette in the show’s catalogue as “the ocular-sense-experience of vision and its existential significance in shaping our experiences and perception of the world.” Encrusted with million of shattered stained-glass particles that are invisibly bound together, Victor’s paradoxically haunting, yet ethereal, sculptural renditions of Catholic icons in this solo show …… read more

SLAH Lens Dome Michael (aperture)
SLAH far front2751 (1)
See Like a Heretic | entry view
See Like a Heretic | side view of Michael Archangel
SLAH side 2752 (1)
SLAH | Michael Dome Christ
See Like a Heretic | front view of Michael Archangel
SLAH Dome Michael (hidden)
SLAH DOME front 2520
SLAH DOME side2523

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